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Viticulteur à Dorlisheim depuis plusieurs générations

Domaine Pierre et Frédéric Becht

Domaine BechtDomaine Pierre et Frédéric Becht has been a family property for several generations. Frédéric’s tireless commitment to producing wines of the best possible quality, builds on the reputation established by his father Pierre and grandfather Camille. He is dedicated to a subtle blend of technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship underpinned by the greatest possible respect for wine and the vine.

The estate

The estate covers 23 hectares, 11 in Dorlisheim and 12 on the lieu-dit of Stierkopf in Mutzig. Both vineyards are on south-facing slopes, sheltered by the high Vosges and with predominantly marl and limestone soils. Stierkopf is a truly exceptional site. With its high levels of sunshine it  is capable of producing some remarkably fine wines.

How we work

Work by hand is very important. For example, for the top cuvées we carefully disentangle each bunch from the surrounding shoots on the vine before maturation begins. This time-consuming but necessary operation helps to limit the spread of disease and allows more light to get through to the fruit. Hand harvesting similarly ensures that we only press whole, intact berries.

We bring the same intense care to to pressing the fruit, and our new equipment allows us to separate the finest juice, the cuvée, from that of lesser quality. Most of the wines are then aged for about a year in either stainless steel or large oak casks. The choice of the vessel for each batch is made during vinification and is then monitored by regular tasting. We bottle before the next harvest. A few exceptional wines are matured in small oak casks which allows to them to develop a unique expression of balance and elegance.


Our Range

We grow all the main varieties of Alsace and produce the following ranges :

  • Crémant : fine, elegant sparkling wines
  • Tradition :  classic, elegant, entry level wines, easy to understand and to enjoy
  • Lieu-dit Stierkopf : very fine expressions of a unique marl and limestone terroir
  • Excellence du Stierkopf : from old vines, intense, concentrated and highly aromatic
  • Douceurs : rich, full-bodied, predominantly sweet wines from botrytised and raisined grapes



We were fortunate to receive members of the Association of Wine Educators in our winery.

You will find their impressions by following this link :